Batting .500

That’s a great stat in baseball but not in journalism.

There’s a pretty good story in today’s paper about a homeowner who doesn’t want to sell his home to the School District. I say pretty good despite the big question it glosses over – Will the School Board renege on its promise not to use eminent domain? Kerry Leider, the Clerk of the Works on all the School District’s building projects suggests that it won’t be employed by explaining that there’s another less desirable route into the rock pile where the school will be constructed. Let’s hope the District gets FI Salter on the case in one big hurry so that this selfish cripple can’t deny our children the third-of-a-mile walk up the new boulevard to educational nirvana! Damn NIMBYs!

Too bad the Trib had to get the news from WDIO TV rather than its news partner Fox 21 News.

But the other story about the candidate’s debate is, to be frank, a POS especially considering the big build up given the debate by the Trib which extolled the virtues of its being put on the Internet “Candidate forum not to be missed”.

So did the candidates talk about the exodus of kids leaving the District? transportation concerns? Funding? Programs? The construction schedule? If they did it evidently didn’t tip the scales as report worthy news. The only topic the candidates seem to have discussed was what we should call the new schools. One candidate called the question “trite.” Spoil sport.

Apparently I’m not the only one to have missed this vital forum or, maybe the Trib’s reporter just dozed through it. Anybody who doesn’t realize the Trib’s coverage of the Red Plan now follows the single news angle, “done deal,” either hasn’t been paying attention or dropped their subscription long ago.

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