Wasson admits we’ve lost “droves”

And finally the story about the Chamber of Commerce School Board debate where, for the second time in as many weeks, Nancy Nilsen failed to show up. (Will you editorialize about Nilsen’s absence DNT? You sure were exercised when some Anti-Red Plan candidates didn’t show up for the last Kangaroo Court organized by the Chamber’s CEO)

The audience at these confabulations is always jam packed with JCI employees and family of the incumbent School Board members. At least the DNT’s story was covered by Peter Passi and WDIO TV’s story last night was pretty even handed.

Laura Condon, who is busy voting for construction projects years ahead of their original schedule, fretted that breaking them could cost the District money. So, why the hell is she going along with the rush? Oh, I’m sorry. That’s a serious question. Those aren’t allowed by this school board.

My favorite part was the end where Ann Wasson acknowledges that the District has lost a lot of students. She says: “Its disheartening that we’re losing students to open enroillment, but now that we’ve made some tough decisions, I think people will come back in droves.”

Droves? Doesn’t that means a whole lot – as in: a whole lot of people droved out of the public Schools despite all the best efforts of Ann Wasson’s School Board.

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