The District had to hire two plainclothes police officers

People who oppose the Red Plan’s assault are “hooligans” according to the husband of Board member Judy Seliga Punyko. That’s one of many accusations in his letter to the editor today.

We’re so bad the District had to hire two police officers to prevent us from torching Old Central during a School Board meeting last April. I was at that meeting. Big whup! A few complaints and catcalls requires two police officers to be hired? Mr. Punyko’s bowels would have disgorged ceramic blocks if he’d attended some of the School Board meetings where an angry audience directed its venom at me.

I’ve been waiting to hear the District explain why they hired plainclothes policemen at that meeting. I think mostly they were hired so that Bill Punyko could point this out just before the school board election as evidence of our brutish behavior. I’ll bet the cops are still scratching their heads wondering what all the fuss was about.

Bill beats up two candidates who are challenging the Red Plan for calling for civility. Bill accuses them of associating with people who have used violent language. Bill uses me as his example by dredging up an old blog post. He then goes on to predict (Just like Dough McGuire) that my forthcoming book will be libelous. I appreciate the advertising.

Bill asserts that our supporters damaged the Superintendent’s car a year ago. Really? First I’ve heard of it. Did someone get fingerprints or a confession? How about a DNA sample?

A threatening letter was sent? Whoo boy! I never got them when I was on the School Board. Have they been turned over to the police? I wonder if I should turn over the email that threatens me with a libel suit if I don’t post an apology on my blog? But I suppose an assault with a deadly lawyer really isn’t considered an act of violence.

And a school board candidate was “cornered” and “berated?” OMG! That’s gotta be a first!

The closer the Red Plan’s champions on the School Board come to facing the electorate the more hysterical they have become. Every little bit of angry, ironical comment from the side that never got to have a say has morphed into a bogeyman.

Dear Red Planners, please be advised that there’s a lot more irony out there yet to be unleashed against your candidates. When someone steals your right to vote and your taxes and forces ill conceived, poorly defended and hastily constructed buildings down your throat they shouldn’t be surprised when you cough up a little spittle.

When you respond like Chicken Little and scream, “the sky is falling,” “the sky is falling,” its obvious you’ve forgotten that it was your School Board members who were in charge of the sky.

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