Harry’s thinking about China

My wife and I visited China last year for about 12 days. Before our trip we both read extensively about the nation. Here’s their bookshelf:

When I was a child parent guilted their children into eating vegetables by saying the should be glad they weren’t starving like the children of China. In junior high mysterious news reports made it out of China about a “Culutural Revolution” that had everyone turning against each other. What has happened in China in the last three decades is little short of miraculous…….if you know nothing about the potential of Commerce unleashed.

I wrote 17 posts about China that you may find interesting and insightful. Here they are.

and by the way my wife and I have been planning a September trip to France for the past year to honor my Grandfather’s service one hundred years ago in World War I. He was quite a guy. I’m determined to write a book about him……next year when I’m in Congress during my down times.

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