To B or not to B

Don’t expect many posts from me today either. Yesterday I wanted to work on my education related projects all day but had to spend my time on personal legal work instead. My Dad knew what he was doing when he taught the law rather than practiced it.

It didn’t help that I was a pint short of blood after my morning visit to the Memorial Blood bank. It took till the end of the day to finish up the personal stuff but by then it was dark out. I took, or rather, I tried to take a little snooze at 9PM but I was up by 10 and finally got to putting my Red Plan stuff together. It’s daylight but it still ain’t done and I’ve got to make a presentation with it soon.

At least is was cool in the evening. We had the windows open. I hope Claudia was asleep when the car zipped by and a loud voice called out “Ef U Welty….Red Plan!” or something like that. He shot by so fast I couldn’t be quite certain.

I’m heading off to the Cities today. Hope I don’t veer off the road in a stupor. If I wasn’t supposed to sing a song at our Church’s morning men’s group I’d be a little better off. As it is I’ll probably skip out shortly after I lead them in “My hope is built on nothing less…”

Saw this in the Trib when I made myself some coffee a bit ago. I don’t want Plan B as it is. Thank goodness its going to be a non binding referendum. Still, if its approved by the Minnesota Dept. of Education its passage will be confirmation that the Duluth Voters want a compromise. Of course, electing a new school board is the only way to make that happen.

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