$400 phone bill

We got a bit of a shock when we ferreted out and printed up our latest cell phone bill on the Internet. My recent activities cost most of about $400. We’ve just changed plans and added additional minutes and negotiated a few more deals to neutralize most of this but it demonstrates that: 1. I’ve been busy and 2. I finally got a cell phone that I could use – a little too well I might add.

The attorneys for the District wanted my phone and cell phone bills. Jeez, I gave them over a thousand emails and they are busily blowing all of them out of proportion. They’re the ones being sued. They haven’t provided squat. Have they got something to hide?

Just asking.

I love my new phone. The old one was a cheapo three years ago when I only bought it under protest so that if I ever drove off the road I could call and ask for help. It was a bear to use and I could never figure it out. When I finally decided I needed something more user friendly I asked for a dummy’s cell phone. It was so inexpensive they had to go to the back room to get it for me. It cost the same as the battery for my old phone.

Golly, I figured out how to program phone numbers in it, speed dial, listen to messages and a dozen other things I would have had to be a computer programmer to figure out on the old cell phone.

Now all I have to learn to do is how NOT to use it.

Hey JCI, if you want my phone records, How about giving me yours, or your email, how about some DNA samples. Maybe I could get some of those off the listening devices you may have tucked under my wheel well. I’d take anything. Really! Got something to hide?

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