No getting away from you know who

We’re at 3 minutes left of the jags/patriot game. As I typed Brady passed for a touchdown and the lead. I’ll try to finish this up before we find out if the Jags can pull off a Taye Diggs.

Claudia and I hiked through about five casino’s today. We quit because Claudia thought they all looked the same and she found it dispiriting. I would have continued although I doubt I would have seen anything terribly different in any of the remaining twenty casinos.

Last night, as I waited by the Luxor’s Security deskfot them to review the tapes of taxies disgorging us from their front entrance half an hour earlier, the guard at the dext told me she’d talked to lots of people coming back after a five year absence who marveled at how much the City had changed. For me it had been fifty years. On that occasion my Dad led his three kids and wife through a couple of Casinos to gawk much as Claudia and I did today. Back then the Casinos were marked off limit for kids and my Mom was not thrilled that we were all inside where we were not supposed to be. As I told the cabbie last night I remember being about sixteen and noticing all the pretty hostesses with topless dresses with their backs to me. I also remember hoping they would turn around. The didn’t and we got out of the danger zone before any harm could be done to my innocence.

OOH. Brady is going to the Superbowl. That would be my perfect matchup with the Blue state Vikings. I’d love for us to upend Donald Trump’s favorite team and quarterback…….hope I haven’t jinxed them.

Well, back to the quick tour…Here are a couple of cell phone picks which our President also managed to crash.

First the view from our window this morning……looks like Disneyland but it the Casino Excaliber.

On our way to the other neighborging Casino the Mandalay lately in the news for the most recent mass gun slaughter we peeked into a story dedicated to all things Trump. The Sales lady demonstrated one of the more disturbing items of merchandise:

Finally its worth noting that of all the fantastical casinos like New York New York…….

None of them was more pedestrian than the umpteenth Trump Tower situated in the center of every driver’s field of vision (naturally) on the Strip.

His is truly the log in my eye.

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