Cheap date in Vegas

We made it. And contrary to my Brother’s evaluation the room in the Luxor is nice – especially for $78 bucks a night and our round trip air fair wasn’t half bad either. This is my first visit to Las Vegas in 50 years and that will be worth a little more exposition in a later post after some Harry’s Diary preliminaries.

I am treating this week as a working vacation. Our stop in Vegas for two nights is simply a locale for my brother-in-law to pick us up for our stay in Bullhead City Arizona which to my knowledge isn’t a great tourist draw. I brought my computer in the hopes of extending my daily book writing. The fewer sights to see the more I should be able to crank out rough draft-wise. And I hoped to write on the flight. I reviewed the timeline I’d composed a year ago of my grandfather’s years through his return from World War 1. Each point on the ten pages is sourced to some document I’ve accumulated over the years. I should have a productive week. It almost didn’t come to pass.

My lap top is fairly large and it barely fit on my lap on the flight. I cranked out a page or more but it was a hassle so I set it aside. Then on the taxi drive to the Luxon I got so engaged in joking around with the cabbie that I left the computer in his back seat. After a three hour wait I got it back at midnight. We got to watch a lot of tipsy late-night denizens of Vegas walk by in unflattering skin tight slacks on precarious skyscraper stilettos. When I was reunited with my precious cargo we headed to bed.

By the way, I’m composing this during the third period of the Pats Jag game. We walked around four of the strip’s hotel casinos this morning watching clusters of football enthusiasts in various sport’s bars as the game progressed. We will skip any shows tonight to watch the Vikes. Fingers crossed we will get one more game with the team before the season is over. Without any gambling either this will be one of the cheapest visits any couple ever had in the this great money magnet.

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