Western Duluth Lens, DFL Trolls?

You will no longer find the conversation from the previous post on the Western Duluth Lens Facebook Page. Its a dodgy page with only a few scant posts imitating a pro-Western Duluth “Collaborative.”

Its anonymous. There is no way to know who administers it.

Its administrators paid to have a post taking my words out of context sent to an unknown number of Facebook users. This is what the Russian Hackers did buying secret ads on Facebook to pillary Hillary.

The post prompted a serious question about what this 4-year-old comment meant from an innocent like me who had no way of knowing that this site was really a spider web. I gave the inquiry an explanation that put her concerns to rest. My reply has since been removed from the post by the administrators. They didn’t want me absolved of their character assassination. They did leave the original commentary I wrote probably to “prove” I used the word “gangrene.” But they also removed the comments of the person who put it on the page who also pointed out the soon-to-be ad’s inaccuracy and unfairness.

I’d love to know who had the credit card that paid to spread this defamation on Facebook. I’d like to know how much they spent and to which people their algorithm was directed. This sure doesn’t meet the test of the Civility Pledge that lots of folks are falling all over themselves to cheer on.

Its hard for me not to note that the DFT Union President Bernadette Burnham was one of 19 people “liking” this knock on me. This is a union President that has refused about seven requests from me to meet her for coffee over the past couple years. Yet she sent me a nasty ill informed “complaint” claiming that I had embarrassed a teacher that her Union completely dropped the ball defending.

The wife of a City Councilor running for reelection also liked this smear. Both are active DFLers.

I’d like to point fingers somewhere but I can’t with confidence. Maybe I could get the FBI to call Mark Zuckerberg but so far that hasn’t helped poor Hillary.

What I can say is that whoever is attempting to subvert honest dialogue to keep control over the Duluth School Board has the ethical and moral compass of Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump….and that they are almost certainly active members of the local Democratic party…….but that’s still a guess.

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