Where did all the people go

The results of the mid-decade census shows that St. Louis County continues to lose population.  This link will probably only be available at the Defunct News Tribune’s website for one week. Knight Ridder hides all its copywrited stories after seven days. After that time inquiring minds have to pay to have old stories dredged up from the company’s computer archives (unless you are lucky enough to find the same story in some other website’s cache)

The Trib had another interesting story about population growth in counties across the nation. It had a black and white county map which was very hard to read. The color map of counties at the Census Bureau is much easier to follow. In fact the US Census site has a plethora of fascinating information. Its well worth a visit.

I recently read one prolifer’s letter-to-the-editor complain that because of Minnesota’s abortions the state is likely to lose a Congressman in the next census. The writer said we are projected to fall 2,500 people short of the 8 Congressman we were entitled to in 2000. Horrors! That probably means that some dag nabbed red state will probably get our congressman. That ought to please the letter writer.

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