Why the Hell didn’t I think of that?

We’re talking some serious gravy train here.

Oh yeah. Now I remember. Roger supported the Red Plan too when he could have guaranteed a referendum on the monstrosity and saved our elementary children from classes with 36 children.

And I forgot. I’m caucusing with the DFL now. I shouldn’t criticize my buddies in the party.

And here’s how he can get “Duluth’s share” of the 1 billion to the Vikings. Tap the Red Plan. The School Board has already given 1 million of it for a hockey rink. (Not the Congdon Rink but the one out at the old Clyde Iron plant)

Fifty kids to a classroom would be a small price to pay to put all those Twin City’s builders to work up here when they outbid the locals for the jobs just like they did on the Red Plan.

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