Seven hours sleep + 48 hours = Achewwww

First my Grandson had it then my daughter. My wife’s been sick in bed the past couple days and now I’ve got the makings of a cold. I tried to remember not to shake anyone’s hand today lest I contaminate them. Everyone at the Trib was happy enough to sit far away from me. I kept my distance again tonight as the architects from ATS&R who are helping us put our “review and comment” together for Plan B met with us at the CAB.

The hurried process is a little artificial because its driven by the 75 words of the petition and a million complications that have developed since we began circulating it 14 months ago. It will probably get to the Minnesota Dept of Education by May 29th – nine days, and they will have sixty days, if memory serves, to give it a thumbs up or down. Then we have to put it on the ballot, again if memory serves, thirty days before the next regular election which is the primary. That would put it the first or second week of August. That’s about 99 days away. If its approved it might be on the primary ballot.

I’ve been working from dawn to dusk most week days for a couple weeks. I hope I can still stand on Friday morning when I go to that court hearing. I don’t want to miss it. Everybody that plans to go there better keep their distance.

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