I stayed up late to watch Colbert’s latest sketch on national politics. I’m too bushed to begin that post about mulch after all. Instead, I will direct you to the Duluth Reader I just picked up. Loren Martell is still working overtime and has another column in the Reader. I haven’t read it yet. Meanwhile White Bear Lake made its decision on a new Superintendent tonight. I presume they will announce the results tomorrow. Also, we school board members were emailed an “embargoed” summary of our Graduation Rates from the Minnesota Department of Education. Embargoed meaning I am not to spill the beans.

I just read Loren’s column. Its very thoughtful. It seems to have been prompted by the blog post I put up titled “DFL Monsters?” This was my analysis of Loren’s last column throwing a little heat at local DFL insiders. Some of my best writing starts from a seed in an email or letter I receive from people parsing what I have written. In the same way I think my post served to crystallize Loren’s thinking. He’s in top form.

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