Twelve = Hrs of daylight on the equinox, Jesus’s disciples and …

… the next ISD 709 % tax increase:

In recent years taxpayers have seen annual levy increases in the 5 percent range. This year, 4.6 percent is the low-end option the School Board will consider. That’s how much of an increase the district needs to make its December transfer of $4.9 million from the general fund to its debt service fund, which is part of the long-range facilities plan financial set-up. The jump to 11.9 percent is necessary if the board decides to reduce how much money it takes from the general fund to pay off debt. The difference between the 4.6 percent increase and the 11.9 percent increase is $1.9 million.

When you’re dirty living leads to gangrene you often are left with little choice but to amputate.

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