The Trump massacres begin

Faced with an Attorney General who refused to enforce what she regarded as an illegal order Donald Trump fired her.

Funny but Trump’s AG nominee, Jeff Sessions, asked her two years ago if she would be willing to stand up to any illegal directives from then President Barack Obama and she said she would. I found this on Reddit where my Jabba showed up yesterday.

Coincidentally, as I was listening to NPR this morning I retrieved a document in my attic work room and glanced over at this old newspaper which I kept and pinned up to a bulletin board.

Its about the Saturday Night Massacre the last time a Republican President fired the AG for not following his orders.

My “Buddy” has been trash talking me today about my “pissing and moaning” on my blog. I guess if I had a big audience like Rush Limbaugh my Buddy might concede that my complaints might be considered “efficacious” if by that one means effective in terms of the number of people reached regardless of the accuracy of the information disseminated. Its true that the 403 people who visited my blog yesterday are a drop in the Limbaugh bucket. At least my drop is composed of water not Limbaugh’s “warm bucket” full.

Oh, and you might note the conclusion of the prayer of St. Francis covering part of the paper. Our church choir sings the John Rutter song using these lyrics regularly. I supposed you could argue about its efficacy too.

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