Taking cuts in the lunch line…..

….to make sure the kid behind you doesn’t take too much food.

That seems to be the case in the Duluth City Council as Noah Hobbs is angling for the rotating Council Presidency to make sure that Councilor Sipress doesn’t take advantage of the position he’s scheduled to assume to push causes that could help him get reelected this year.

The Trib doesn’t pay as much mind to the Chairmanship tussles on the Duluth School Board. The candidate I nominated lost on a 3 to 4 vote but I was quick to shake the hand of the victor, Dr. David Kirby, as he took over the center chair on the School Board Dais.

BTW – David just gave me a quick cordial call after I emailed a complaint about our agenda setting. That was a refreshing change for our Board’s leadership which had not previously shown any alacrity in addressing similar concerns raised in the past.

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