Could Trump become a successful President?

My “Buddy” recently sent me a critique of Hillary Clinton and a prediction of her failure to beat Trump written by a nemisis of the Republican Party – Michael Moore. I thought it prescient and replied to my Buddy in this way:

An excellent prediction that was very much aligned to my way of thinking. And I don’t rule out the possibility that Trump may luck into being a successful President. But I will feel compelled to be one of his many tiny nettlesome critics. I hate it when some Napoleon takes the crown from the Pope to put it on his own head especially when the Napoleon is like a spoiled fourth grader.

Today my Buddy sent me a link to this page about Berkshire Hathaway’s famous invester Charlie Munger. I found it reassuring because I mostly agreed with his investing strategy but then I noticed a link to the three things Munger and Trump agree about. To my great surprise I mostly agreed with them too – 1. the dangers of untrammeled free trade, 2. the termination of the Glass Steagall Act, and 3. the drawbacks of corporate income taxes.

It would be amazing but not unprecedented for the embodiment of a spoiled fourth grader to succeed.

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