These are just a few copypaper versions of the 20,000 in card stock that I will be passing out to advertise my book.

Humor on one side. Dead earnestness on the other. Dead Earnest begins:

Unlike Pete Stauber who twice broke his oath to God to defend our democracy, Harry Welty never thought treason was “our way of life.”

John Dean warned Richard Nixon, who knew exactly what Dean was talking about, that there was “a cancer” on the Presidency. In the first brave, confused minutes of Trump’s attack on the Congress that was about to certify Biden’s election, Pete and other Republicans said it was wrong. The bravery lasted only until Trump made Pete and company turn tail and kowtow like sycophants to an Easter despot. Today there are no Republicans in the Capital who will say that they will support the results of the next election if Trump isn’t reelected. Traitors all!!! And Cowardice is a flimsy defense. Four years ago it was only Trump saying this. Sheep one and all. And my mother used to tell me when I came crying to her with a skinned knee. “Harry Don’t cry. Your grandfather was shot in war and he didn’t cry. All hail the golden dyed crybaby in chief!

There is an Ebook edition for $5.99 and a paperback edition under other formats.

Or if you are in Duluth where I can drop it off or you can swing by my house. My books are $25.00 with city and state taxes. Ask for a lawnsign too. In a week I’ll have new small ones.

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