Why Trump stay’s afloat and Early voting

From my buddy to me – An anaylsis of the voters by Sam Wang of the New York Times:

For now, we are stuck with an intensely emotional campaign that has been a significant source of stress for more than half of adults. The American Psychological Association has, for the first time, issued tips on dealing with election-related stress. Strong emotional experience reduces mental flexibility, suggesting that when tempers run high, as they have for many voters this season, entrenched support for a party or candidate is more likely. So if you wonder whether there is anyone left to persuade, the answer is probably no. We’re too freaked out.

And from another friend there is this story about early voting in Minnesota. I’m one of them. I’ll be in Kansas on election day.

More than a quarter of a million people have already voted in Minnesota and the record-breaking numbers are expected to surge as Election Day approaches.

I didn’t vote to be done with the election. I figure there is no escape from it although my sister in Equador doesn’t have to listen to television commercials. That doesn’t stop her from sending videos about the outrages of Donald Trump to Facebook so even south of the equator there’s no escape from our election.

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