Today’s to do list

I just drew up a list of nine subjects that I would like to write/blog about today. Heck, I never even got around to doing a final edit on some recent posts. Too much on my mind and its already a quarter to noon. When I peeked at my blog stats just now I saw a sky high bar graph jump in hits. Sadly, they most were certainly bogus as some intruder poked around to cause mischief. I did a cursory check of the sites sending the most querries. It appears that a couple bad actors were trying to break into my site for reasons that my be purely algorythmic. That dashed all hope that lincolndemocrat had suddenly caught the interest of election frenzied legions. If I had the mad techno skills of the protagonist of Mr. Robot I might have been able to make sense of the hacker’s footprints and done more than passively sit back hoping he/she did no damage.

I have nothing on my calendar for the rest of the day and my better half will be traveling to her seminary for the better part of the day and night. There should be no distractions. But the nine blog posts will have to compete for my attention with the geneology files I’ve just begun sorting through. I may miss my November School Board meeting to visit relatives and do some catching up with aunts and uncles. I’d like to go prepared to ask some nosy questions and fill in some blanks.

Blog posts that I attempt today will come in no particular order.

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