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I will continue accepting donations through the General election as my plan from the beginning has been to remove one Trump supporter from Congress. Win lose or draw in the August 9th primary that effort will continue. Your help would be appreciated:

I’ll end up writing about my ongoing tour of Duluth in french today. It has nothing to do with the campaign but everything to do about a candidate who if elected would be a wonder to behold. Anyone calling himself “not your usual Republican” would be a wonder to behold.

Below these few paragraphs is a list of some of the ideas that quickly spilled out my typing fingers which deserve their own posts. Most days are like this with a similar number of ideas falling out of my head. For the past year I have ignored them to post about my interest in replacing Pete Stauber. Even those ideas have been limited because of my attempt to do the work of a campaign staff of one sans the other dozen people who could make it really work.

Fully explaining the last few weeks of my vacation from active campaigning is the most important thing I should write about but I’m never sure if there’s an audience out there to read my drivel. So, I’ll write about my morning’s two-hour tour of Duluth by cell phone. My ship did not crash on the shore. Thank God. I’d have hated to be marooned with the millionaire and his wife. My cell phone ran out of power as my guests listened to the ringing of Duluth’s peace bell.

My family is in Iowa for the week. Months ago I imagined I’d be careening around this vast 8th congressional district taking advantage of being able to use my car to campaign. But as my eight loyal readers know my ardor cooled a couple weeks ago when I overstepped my own boundaries and called Pete Stauber a traitor. Treason lite yes, traitor…..?????

As it happened my french pen pal was also free this week. I decided to spend the six days throwing myself at French. Over the last three nights I’ve been watching French tv series in French with French, not English, subtitles. One series is about young french standup comedians trying to break into the bigtime. Its a soap opera but these young people speak the French of the young with necessitated my jotting down unfamiliar words and looking them up. Being comics many of the words are blue…..not Democratic…..blue as in racy and raw.

I have also been doing some reading in the anime Tin Tin written in the 30’s and 40’s. And I’m working overtime on Duolingo. But its the daily pen pal writing that keeps words at the ready for me. So my opportunity to have a second day touring Duluth was very aluring. I would be speaking French and listening to French both all together different skills than writing the language.

And my friend had a friend coming over. I would be giving both of them a tour. Yesterday it was Canal Park and Downtown Duluth. Today it would be my church the UMD campus and Enger Park and tower. As I indicated it ended when my cell phone died after ringing the peace bell from our sister city Ohara Japan.

My friend’s friend, who does not speak English, told her I spoke French well. This didn’t mean I spoke French well. It means she understood most of what I was trying to say. That is all I hoped for when I started learning French almost five years ago. I have wanted more than that for the past couple years. I’d like to be able to write a book in French or English and translate it into French with help from a real french speaker.

That’s still a few years off. Learning a new language is hard. For now I’ll settle on my daily incremental improvements. I am looking forward to another sojourn into a french speaking population.

There is so much more I could say but now I’ll crank out one more post from the list at the bottom…..High school yearbook editors.


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