Washington Here I come

Don’t worry Jim. I’m only coming as a visitor. My wife has a conference and I’m tagging along. I’ll see the sights for four days then return home on Wednesday.

As I said before I’ve been pretty busy organizing the material on the Boyd scandal and haven’t blogged as much as I’d like to. Besides that, I have a column to turn in to the Reader in the next couple days. Fortunately, I can now do that and blog with our new laptop away from home.

Its 10:30 and our flight is scheduled to leave at 6AM so I need some shuteye. Its been a long day. I got up at 3:30 AM to begin writing. At 8:30 I went over to the Damiano Center (soup kitchen) and spent two ours helping to prepare the afternoon meal. I’m tall the tables are low and my back is sore.

At noon I met with an accountant from Eikill and Schilling who did some of the accounting work for Don Boyd. I’m looking for verification of the results of the auditing that Don Boyd told me he had done after he got out of prison. The list of people I need to call to check out one thing or another is growing.

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