I’m so glad Alanna Oswald is on the School Board with me

From Alanna’s Facebook Page:

Last night I visited a school open house, as a school board rep that I don’t have kids at. I was with a teacher I’ve known when “that” student every teacher doesn’t want, but gets and accepts, walked in with his parents. The teacher had picked out some books for him on his favorite subject from the library to help him have something to focus on that he liked and had the books on his desk when he came in. He immediately flipped through them as his parents talked with him. The parents started telling him cryptic things, like “this school year is going to be different from the last two”, “you’re going to behave or get in big trouble”, etc. I walked over and asked the boy to look around at the desks. I told him to notice that he was the only one with library books on his desk, and they were about things he loves. And that’s because his new teacher has thought about him an awful lot, and really cares about him and she wanted to show it. I stepped back as the parents realized this smallest of gestures along with the student. As the teacher came back from visiting with other parents, this child gets up out of his new seat and runs to her and gives her the best hug I’ve seen in a long time. She has no idea why. In an instant this child knew he was accepted and loved in a place he may have often not believed that. This kid may still have a tough time this year, but he now knows his new teacher thinks of him, and his parents said out loud: this is going to be a great year, and they stopped focusing on past problems.

And I needed a tissue. I will never forget this genuine moment I was able to witness. It also made me sad I still don’t have a classroom to call my own.

Here’s to all my teacher friends, who I know think about every student, all the time, and make every effort to welcome EVERY child. I see these smallest of gestures. Thank you.

Let me know how I can help you keep it up when you need a boost. Have a great school year!

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