I write a pretty good letter

I’m back to 2009 posts in my apostraphe replacement labors. I just read my letter endorsing four candidates for the school board in 2009 that the DNT saw fit not to endorse. Its pretty good.

A little history: In 2009 I didn’t think I could win a seat for the school board having lost to Judy Seliga-Punyko in 2007 for the 2nd. District seat. So, in 2009 I campaigned for other candidates who were skeptical about the Red Plan. In 2009 Art Johnston, who my letter endorses, and I were barely speaking to each other.

Another candidate I endorsed, Marci Stromgren, was so worried that I would hurt her campaign that when she saw me at a press conference she called she walked over and asked me to leave the camera range even though I had helped her to raise a few hundred dollars for campaign contributions.

Marci and I have always had an up and down political relationship. I posted her interview of me on youtube from a year ago which is quite cordial and informative. At this week’s school board meeting she called me out by name for suggesting at a preceding budget meeting that we needed more taxes because of a potentially ruinous fiscal future. Didn’t bother me. I have no problem with straight-talking people.

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