Common Sense

I just got back from my hour long stint on Carinda Horton’s radio show Common Sense on KDAL. (I meant to tell her that that was my campaign slogan when I ran against Mike Jaros back in 1976. I darned near suffocated in my attic spraying the slogan onto hundreds of lawnsigns. I’d like to think my common sense has improved.

She had just come back from a meeting with Dr. Dixon and Johnson Controls. She said they were good salesmen. Hey of course. So were the scoundrels in the fable about the Emperor’s new cloths. All you need is stupid clients.

Evidently they kept sniping at me when my name came up……”ask Harry to tell you about changes in his Plan B”….. Oh YEAH JCI! What about that new Stadium at Ordean? Hah! Hah! Take that you charlatans.

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