78 visitors spent over an hour reading this blog…

…over the past five days! Oh, the wonder of my blog stats. Wish it could tell me who you were……No – never mind. I don’t want to know.

And if they read Necroscopy 4 I apologize. I still haven’t worked up the grit to proof read its 2000 plus words.

The stakes are, or at least were, so high I have tried to clean up my posts rather than race through them willy nilly. My new office is a disaster area with small piles of paper everywhere each representing some line of thought or research I’ve been trying to keep touch with as I’ve flitted from topic to topic. I’ll file them eventually. Fortunately, Claudia is out of town looking after her Father so my days are free….except for grandparenting, and hauling bags of leaves to the WLSSD compost site and who knows what else.

I joked on “Just the Facts” with PAC TV personality, Marci Stromgren, that my blog has ten times the number of words Tolstoy’s War and Peace has. BTW – I’ll link to that video later today. That way you will see the oddball behind Lincolndemocrat’s words in the flesh, video flesh anyway. I sum up much of what I’ve been writing here in an hour-long, free-wheeling interview. It will be blather from the mouth rather than from my fingers. Sorry I didn’t comb my hair. Who do I think I am? Art Johnston!

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