These are the Key sentences in the email sent to the Board re: the Central Sale on March 25th

Sell emails are bolded 14…… Don’t sell emails are italicized 1

SF – We are in favor of selling the former Central High School to Edison Charter School. It is a school and can still be used as a school, without the need to tear everything down and haul it away to a landfill and scar up the land with more construction, and without the need to clear more land and cut down more trees to build a new school in another location.

LK – While it’s obviously too late to turn back the clock and undo the shortsighted closing of Central, this sale will help to put the mistake behind the board. ….. Every time I drive by the barricaded entrance to Central I wince at the misguided decision. With the Edison plan, it’s hopeful that the building will return to its intended use.

CK – …this location and building is the perfect place for a school. Too bad the school board could not see that truth before building Lincoln in such a remote location.

GN – Until today, I have never written an email or given my opinion to an elected person….

I’m writing this email because I feel that the district should strongly consider selling the Central High School building to the Edison board so that they can have a new high school….I talk to many people every day at my work & even though I rarely express my opinions, I haven’t heard one person who thinks that the board should reject Edison’s offer.
ME – As a former teacher in ISD 709 and one who has always wanted the best for Duluth and it’s students, I ask you to sell Central High School to Edison. Then use the money to maintain and increase programs that make the Duluth Public Schools appealing to families to attend so people don’t go elsewhere for a quality education. Please keep zero hour music classes for starters.

GR – “Cancel or Revise the policy prohibiting the sale of schools to another K-12 school, and Approve The Sale of Central High School to Edison Schools without conditions”

GK – Selling the school will also remove a distraction from the District’s core mission and make it less likely that the school will have a solid additional voting bloc against future levies (the Edison folks who live in the district). It is time to make some lemonade out of the lemons of having an empty building that drains financial resources and public support for the District. Give the new Superintendent one less headache, taxpayers a tangible sign that you care about our wallets.

J&PS – As a Duluth resident and tax paying home owner, I direct you to accept the Charter Schools offer to purchase the Central High School facility. It is the fiscally responsible thing to do.

K&MN – As a taxpayer in the city of Duluth, I urge you to approve the sale of Central High School to Edison Schools without condition. Please cancel or revise the policy prohibiting the sale of schools to another K-12.

CL – You don’t sell your buildings to your competitors. The short term gain will siphon more kids out of the district (especially Denfeld). This will result in a deficit which will be made up with cuts or increased property taxes. Central was closed to take excess capacity out of the high school system. Sell it to someone who will put the property back on the tax roles.
Note: I replied to CL by sending him a link to my post – Plowshares 11 discounting the significance of putting the property back on the tax rolls.

SB – On the current issue of the property up above Central Entrance, I strongly support the sale of the unused Central High School property to the Tischer/Edison corporation. I feel that educational groups like ISD709 and the Edison System ought to be in collaboration, not competition. The whole point is to provide quality education for the citizens of this region. If one system can share success stories with another, we have a win – win situation. Parents move their children back and forth between educational opportunities, looking for good matches for their youngsters. One particular match might not be suitable for everyone.
Q&AF – I (we) am (are) writing to show my support of the Edison School System in purchasing Central High School. It only makes sense to sell an existing building to someone who could use it for the purpose it was intended.

MAG – I have grown increasingly sickened by the lack of funds and support for our public school system in Duluth, Minnesota. I want full time, well paid teachers in classrooms that can allow for the enhancement of the study and achievement of the student. … “Cancel or Revise the policy prohibiting the sale of schools.
SE – Benefits I see include:
• It will end the costs associated with maintaining the empty building ( about $175,000 per year)
• The $14,500,000 can be used to reduce the $3.3 million deficit in next year’s school budget.
• Thus, we can demand No Further Reductions in Zero Hour activities/offerings, and no more cuts in education programming
• Proceeds of the sale may also be used to reduce remaining “Red Plan” debt, or earmarked to assist in out-year deficit reduction
• It will prevent development of a current recreational area which would include destruction of wetlands.

MP – Get over your pride and admit this part of the red plan failed and do something about it.

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