Sword/Plowshares 22 – When blindness is preferred


I’m fearful that DPSA’s generous and life saving proposal to buy Central High School will fail because of our four union-endorsed School Board member’s stong affiliation with the protectionist Unions. These unions oppose selling Central to the DPSA. In this the unions are like Iranian mullahs refusing American aid to help them dig buried Iranians out of the rubble of an earthquake. Better that Iranians should die than accept help from the “Great Satan!” So too ISD 709’s children.

Bonnie Jorgenson sent an offer to all our school board members to give them a tour of the DPSA schools or as its enemies prefer to refer to it “the competition.”

Although Nora Sandstead has visited Edison on a previous occasion the other union blessed Duluth School Board members have not yet made a pilgrimage to see what our Charter Schools look like on the people side, the inside, of their schools.

I understand. The less you know about the people you want to distrust the harder it is to see them as people just like you and the easier it is to vilify them. Just what we need. A little more Washington DC right here in Duluth.

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