Twenty minute Trib

This morning I was once again struck at how quickly I got through the Duluth News Tribune. Twenty minutes – from a quarter to ten to 11:05. And it wasn’t even the Monday Trib.

There were two puff piece education stories that I read because I always read the ed stories. One was about Morgan Park’s program to get kids to be nice to one another. I expected it would mention the Lincoln students that would soon be going to Morgan but they weren’t mentioned.

In the old days as recently as a couple years ago I could expect to be buried in the local paper for at least an hour a day. I’d always have NPR playing in the background but I usually tuned out the radio broadcast in favor of the written word.

Its really sunk closer to the level of the Budgeteer while ironically the Budgeteer seems to have become a much more serious local paper although it appears only once a week.

I wrote a letter to the editor a week ago about how diminished the paper seems by taking corporate Presidential endorsements but didn’t bother sending it in. Fortunately many others have sent their letters in. I’m sure the Editors are enjoying printing them to tweak corporate management.

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