When you ignore the public

Let Duluth Vote sent out a small mailing (less than 500 people) on Tuesday asking for donations to help with legal challenges to the School District. I’ve outlined some of the likely issues previously. By Friday we had received over $500 which suggests we will raise significant money if and when we appeal to the entire School District. We should be receiving contributions on this single mailing for the next two weeks. I hope to have another mailing sent out next week to the 3,000 people who signed our second petition (The Plan B petition).

One person who wrote out a $100 check enclosed a copy of the letter he sent the School board last March 11th. He mentioned that he never got a reply. This is what he told the board:

I am sorry that I have been one of many Duluthians who has quietly watched the gradual unfolding of the disastrous “Red Plan”, assuming that the planning committee, with their glaringly obvious excesses and grandiose “empire” building mentality, would be dissuaded from their folly by more rational minds.

Tragically, this is not happening, but we are hearing suggestions of greed and naked avarice as compelling motivations associated with those who would doubtless profit from an extortionate squandering of $257-$437 million, in our aging community wit shrinking school enrollment, barely thriving on seasonal employment, and reeling from a global recession.

The arrogant cynicism and contemptuous insolence of Dixon and his servile claque expresses a categorical contempt for the democratic process, and a passionate aversion to the American tradition of voting, when tax funds are involved.

I and my family are appropriately outraged by the villainously contemptuous and peremptory behavior of the school board members responsible for this civic rupture.

With sincere respect and sorrow,

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