You watch, you decide

I’m still working on Jabba and a half a dozen other things. The last two nights my dreams have had nothing, so far as I can remember to do with the Schools. I kinda like that. At the moment I only have a hazy recall of all the things I wanted to write about that last school board meeting. They will surely come back. In the meantime you watch the meeting and see what you think. My observations will be put down eventually. Just let me assure you that nothing in my appearance as a harmonizer at this meeting in anyway should lead to the impression I’m pulling away from Art Johnston. To the contrary, as his persecution grinds on with no word I’m only becoming more sympathetic and irritated. Now its on to Jabba again.

The 10/21/2014 Duluth School Board meeting in all its mercifully short 2 hours and 1 minute’s worth of glory.

Here’s the quick synopsis of the rowsans any mention of the education related agenda – that was reported by the Trib.

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