Budget Chickens

I left the meeting early and missed the beginning of it. The two hours of community input preceeded everything but the Pledge of Allegience. The Trib has three grim stories about the imminent closing of Lincoln Park Middle School, the decision to aquire the first 15 of 39 properties for the Red Plan and a big one about the budget cuts approved

People who would like to make a comment on the stories in the Trib’s talk page page can do so here.

How bad are things? From the Story:

“For the first time in at least 10 years, the Duluth School Board approved increasing class sizes across the school district Tuesday to help the district climb out of a $6 million deficit. The vote was unanimous.

The move — which will increase the student-teacher ratio by one student next year — saved the district about $1.2 million. Increasing class size is often a last resort for districts facing deficits because large classes can make it difficult for teachers to give students the attention they need.”

According to the Board its all the fault of St. Paul. This School Board has banned the use of mirrors except when they are needed with smoke.

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