No referendum for the Vike’s stadium

I’ve been exchanging email with a member of the Ramsey County Charter Commission who has followed the theft of the voter’s right to vote on the Red Plan for the past five years. He assures me that the County Charter requires a referendum before Ramsey County can levy a tax to pay for the Stadium. I’m inclined to think this is true but I haven’t studied the matter closely. If so then the Vikings are following the Johnson Controls model to reap tax dollars for their shareholders.

I just listened to the Vice President of PR for the Vikings on an hour long MPR talk show. I suspect the Vikes will be heading to Los Angeles if the referendum takes place because I think Ramsey County voters will turn it down. That is the threat that motivates the Viking’s cheerleaders. I must say I was not impressed with the VP’s arguments. On the other hand I’m also inclined to believe his sales pitch that Zigi Wilf will put more money into the project than most other NFL owners have had to in their own territories.

I especially groaned when he mentioned that the Twins lost the chance to build a stadium with a retractable roof. The implication I took from this is that we can expect the Twins to come back in two decades to tell us their new stadium is inadequate to justify asking for state to build a new sufficient stadium.

The Ramsey County Charter Board member sent me the latest email circulating. The last four paragraphs raise all the Red Plan hairs on the back of my neck:

Tomorrow could be a bad day for Minnesota. If you allow a stadium referendum to be on the ballot in 2012, the end of the Viking’s time in Minnesota will be near, and that is sad.

The Vikings have done everything asked of them over the years by the legislature. They have a plan, a site, and a local partner. But it still seems like it’s not good enough for some people. And now there might a referendum added onto the Ramsey County share of it? That just will not work. The Vikings won’t wait until late 2012 for this referendum to happen, nor should they have to. They have been waiting many years already, and time is almost up!

I don’t think you people realize how close we are to the Vikings moving to LA. The new stadium in LA is almost a done deal. All they need now is a commitment from a team to move, and with the Vikings lease expiring at the Dome in a few months, it doesn’t take a scientist to figure out what will happen. The writing is on the wall. Do you people really want to be known as the reason why the Vikings moved to LA? Please don’t let that happen.

The referendum is a waste of time and money. We elect our politicians to make decisions for us. That is their job! If the Ramsey County Board of Commissioners chooses to impose a tax, so be it.

Look at Hennepin County and Target Field. The Hennepin County Board had the vision to see what could be done, and look what they did! Target Field is one of the finest ballparks in the country! We should all be proud of that! Hennepin County didn’t require a referendum and neither should Ramsey County.

The Minnesota Vikings are an asset to the state of Minnesota and it would be a shame if we lose them. My kids love going to games with me!!! We would be heartbroken without the Vikings!

Please allow your county to raise the sales tax WITHOUT a referendum!!!

Thank you again for your time.

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