Pardon my French

I was out and about today and ran across one of the smartest and most knowledgeable non-licensed staff in the Central Administration Building back in my old days on the Board. Having been back to look over the tornado in the administration building from a reorganization this person was non plussed. I joked that it represented the recreation of the near defunct Curriculum Dept. That led to a discussion about the divide between East and West and my comment that big classes are helping teach our kids how to get along better in crowds. It was all that kind of mordant humor. I confessed that the way things were going it seemed inevitable that I would only grow daily to be a bigger pain in the butt.

My friend then sprang a colloquialism on me I’d never heard before (let alone from this class of person) prefacing it with “pardon my French” to let me know what was coming. “I’ve always told people that “you have your shit in one sock.”

Never having heard that phrase I correctly deduced what it meant.

“Yeah,” I replied, “But now I’m swinging it around.”

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