Martell’s heartbreak – just kidding

This is the fifth post in a series. To read them in order I’d suggest going back five posts ago to “Promises, Promises” and read them in order to this one.

[I’ve only just finished this post now a couple days after first uploading the title. I didn’t proof it and Loren deserves better. I’ll work on it and put it back when I find time. In the meantime my growing backlog of ideas for posting will be held in abeyance. (Love those fifty cent words)]

I’m turning this into a Harry’s Diary Post. The real deal will follow.

I’m about a week away from having more time to blog, should I still feel like it. I’m pretty sure I will. But at the moment I’m still racing around with lots of projects to tidy up. Yesterday I spent six hours of perfectly good sunlight to help out Tim, the young black man who I blogged about a few days ago in regards to his complaints about, six DWB’s (Driving while black). According to my buddy I should have said “alleged” in describing the six incidents Tim claims he endured this summer.

Well, my buddy has tattled on me to Gordon Ramsay, Duluth’s Chief of Police. Chief Ramsay thanked him for keeping him abreast of local comment on the Department. My Buddy sent me the Chief’s reply which hinted that Tim’s word wasn’t above reproach. Sheesh! It wasn’t that long ago that I engaged in an email debate with the Deputy Police Chief. That’s when I spoke up for keeping our high school lunch hours open describing their closing as turning schools into prisons. Deputy Chief Tusken would have none of my libertarian clap trap.

Golly, now I’ve gone up one rung on the police radar. Will I have to worry about DWBSB’s? (Driving while on the School Board) I woke up this morning deep in thought about the incidents in Ferguson, Missouri, that prompted some of my recent posts. There is a lot of very rational questioning now of how we police our racial differences. Are the police racially sensitive enough? Are they too aggressive? Do they shoot first and ask questions later (and shoot a lot)? Are they too militarized?

My buddy and I have sparred for twenty years on issues of race sometimes quite testily. This morning I imagined doing a lot of blogging on the issue of race but I’ve got a lot of other issues to write about more pertinent to my current concerns as a school board member. My buddy recently sent me an email asking what would be accomplished by giving the Red Plan a “colonoscopy.” He’s practically a recluse and has all the time in the world to stir up my blogging by sending me email like the time he kept calling me a bigot for my constant barbs aimed the new Republican Party. I’ll hold new posts in abeyance for now. I’ve got a garage to paint and a lawn to mow now that I’ve got another crack at a sunny day.

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