Rolling seven

Sunday the DNT had a story with the pros of a Seventh Hour Day and the many caveats and fears being thrown out to slow down instituting it next September. Emotionally I side with Alanna Oswald. I am angry with myself for fretting along with foot dragging former Chair Harala about rushing to fully institute […]

A Slice of Denfeld

I like Tonya Sconiers. Its hard not to. She is so earnest, animated, positive and funny. She is Denfeld High School’s Principal and when she called to check whether or not I had received an invitation from the School to be its guest for “a day in the Life” of Denfeld I couldn’t resist but […]

Email concerning closed campuses

An email today requesting that the School Board honor an old promise and my reply following it: Dear School Administration, Board and Duluth Police Department, You promised when you built the new East High School in a residential area that lunch would be closed campus. The current open campus has cost the residents of East […]

Finally a teacher speaks II

Yesterday’s commentary by teacher Tom Tusken was a pro red plan piece. Today’s letter to the editor by Kris Osbakken is “unconscionable.” (For those who read this seven days from now after the DNT dumps the link to this letter I should explain. The letter mentions half a dozen “unconscionable” consequences of the Red Plan. […]

Finally, a teacher speaks

Teacher Tom Tusken’s Trib column represents the first such defense of the Red Plan by a teacher that I can recall in over a year. I could nit pick all of Tom’s arguments now but since I’ve addressed them all in one way or another before in this blog or on the Let Duluth Vote […]