The level I would stoop to

An email exchange this morning:

To me from anonymous:

I cannot believe that you and your group would stoop to having Mike Jaros sponsor the legislation that he has introduced. How long are you going to continue to rip this community apart? You should be ashamed of yourself. You are a complete disgrace to this community. If the school district doesn’t move forward because of this legislation, you will be the one ultimately responsible for destroying our children’s future.

Good day.

From me to anonymous:

Or maybe its the silent, anonymous, majoritarians like you who have stolen our right to vote that have caused this rip in the space-time continuum.

Teaching our children to get better things by stealing our democratic right to vote is a lousy Civics lesson. And if you really wanted to be sure our schools were the best you wouldn’t be so eager to risk the operational levy referendum that the School Board plans to offer this November. That’s one vote they can’t steal. It will fail because of the 20 percent of you who have pick pocketed the rest of us and stolen our vote. Its your children who will pay the price. They will be sitting in overcrowded classes whose bright young teachers have all gotten pink slips because you allowed $5 million dollars to be jettisoned from the District’s operational budget. Jettisoned because of your greed to spend $300 million to replace schools that are not nearly as decrepit as you have been brainwashed to think they are.

I ran against Mike Jaros twice in the 1970’s. I’d have to say now I’m glad I lost those elections.


Harry Welty

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