Biting my fingers (tongue)

It wasn’t long ago that I was champing at the bit to write dozens of posts but political circumstance and the possibility of rapprochement for the good of the District made my glove my fingers. That seems to be the case again.

I wrote a calm considered reply to the Duluth Trib a few days ago and the night before last I wrote a fevered denunciation. I’m not a very good practitioner of manic depression.

So let me write two unrelated items each deserving of its own post.

I got a call last week about Core Knowledge and a strong pitch by an opponent to watch tonight’s one night viewing of an anti-Core movie at Marcus Lakes up on Highway 53. I suspect my caller is the same one who wrote a letter to the DNT a couple days ago. I told my caller I’d probably go to the movie tonight at 7pm, its only showing.

But then my son-in-law who, like me, is batching (bacheloring) it this week agreed to get together for left over lasagna tonight. That would mean a rushed meal in order to make it over the hill in time. I could tell from my caller that the movie would be the right wing take on Core which is causing a bit of a furor between Tea Partiers and the National Chamber of Commerce the latter of which supports the Core. I didn’t expect to see that it was associated with one of my least favorite commentators Glenn Beck who is too extreme even for Fox News.

Maybe I’ll watch it on Netflix some other day.

Then I went to a funeral today. It was for Tom Agnew who was thrown into a volcano in Duluth thirty-five years ago creating for me a model of the perils of sticking you finger into the eye of the self satisfied status quo. He deserves a chapter all to himself in the book I’ve been determined to write for the past seven years. Ah, but I may have to keep deferring it for a book on the Duluth School District. That early scandal only lasted three years. The Red Plan that the DNT wants us all to get over has lasted more like seven years. Its too bad we can’t just get over our high classroom numbers by wishing them away the Tribune editor’s preferred solution.

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