Eternal student sans anxiety

Claudia was encouraging me to resume swimming again. She said it would protect me from the stress of the School Board. I told her it would be a good idea but that I’m no longer feeling the stress I felt intensely for about two months leading up to our adopting the teacher’s contract. I explained to her as I have here on the blog that this is because so much is now out of my hands. For better or worse we charted our course, dug our grave or crossed our Rubicon. Choose your preferred metaphor.

Yes, we have taken a boneheaded detour toward sanity with the faux Art Johnston crusade but that will burn out one way or another with no egg on Art’s face. In fact, his chief antagonist seems to be leaving Duluth. How convenient.

As for me my wife and I took a short trip to the Twin Cities where she was able to attend the retirement party of her good friend who ran the Minnesota Safety Council for a quarter century. We decided to stay two nights and enjoy temperatures that were nearly twenty degrees warmer than the Lake cooled air of Duluth.

On the way down I read to Claudia from a delightful book I bought for her a decade ago, The Color of Water. There are some great belly laughs in this story about race and a lot of wisdom.

Yesterday we went to the Minnesota Science Museum to see the traveling dinosaur exhibit with some impressive skeletons from Africa, Australia, and South America. I had just finished reading every article in the latest Scientific American which was on dinosaurs. I highly recommend the article about the evolution of feathers. That is now settled science but it wasn’t when I wrote my silly book about a kid traveling back to the time of dinosaurs back in 1992. I made his chief enemies feathered. I’m about to recycle another hundred of the damn things that are clogging up my attic….a good place for them to collect dust.

Even Claudia said she got a lot out of the exhibit because we didn’t have our grandson’s running underfoot. We may take them there later before the exhibit moves on. She was particularly intrigued by the maps of the continental drift.

Later that afternoon I persuaded Claudia to help me look for a huge statue that I was sure was in downtown St. Paul which I had heard about in some college art class forty years ago. It turned out to be in the Ramsey County Courthouse and St. Paul City Hall. We had a good hour dawdling in the building snapping pics and going up to the 18th floor law library to get a good aerial view of the Mississippi in flood down below us.

The Building was started after a successful referendum election (imagine that!) in 1928 the year my Mother was born and before the Stock Market Crash. When the Depression hit people worked for peanuts so the City had beacoup bucks to spend lavishly on their new civic trophy. The Building is pretty amazing and the three story onyx statue on the main floor is pretty remarkable. It rotates 66 degrees to the right and then the left every five hours.

Later that night we went to a light mystery play “The Red Box” centering around a Depression Era sleuth Nero Wolfe at the Park Square Theater.

We are back home waiting to watch the delightful Jack Benny movie from 1942, “To be or not to be.” Its going to be on TMZ but I suspect you could livestream it on Netflix or Amazon Prime. I much prefer the Benny version to the Mel Brooks reprise from the 1980’s. I just sent a text to my son suggesting he watch it. I enjoy being an eternal student and I felt like I spent my recent studies sampling my Mother’s childhood.

Tomorrow I sing a solo for Church. Pray for the congregation.

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