Sprites Circling and other School Board hauntings

Must go shopping and fix tire. Will be back to explain this later this morning.

OK, So, I’m still letting my left foot rest and I’ve had plenty of other campaign related things to do such as distributing the decks of snow sculpture cards. That’s what I was doing on Park Point yesterday when I found this arresting conclave of spirits or sprites. I had three decks to distribute and was awarded with thank yous for running again for the school board.

I’ve not had time to decorate for Halloween but Claudia did buy a pumpkin today and asked for me to draw a face on it for her to cut out for tomorrow. I made sure we bought chocolate to hand out……just in case we have any left over.

I also snapped a picture of Lake Superior on my way home. After the lawnsign leveling snow storm of the weekend the lake looked like Chocolate Milk. I’ve never seen it quite that color before.

My daughter’s family are making up for my laggardly All Hallows celebrating. At our church’s trunk or treat they scared people for a good cause. Claudia made our grandson’s hair afire.

They should be on the school board with me. We’d dig up a few old skeletons and get a lot more done.

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