I’m an optimist

A friend sent me thanks for the picture of Obama laughing on the Washington Post. I infer from the email that she is not a fan of the President but she wrote that whatever he was laughing about she really liked the fact that he did so with such gusto. She followed this up with a cautionary email with a link to this guy’s doomsday writings and I got the impression she was inclined to take his gloom and doom seriously.

Since I’m futzing around hinting at a campaign for Congress I think the email I sent her is a good heads up on how I view myself.

Here’s what I wrote her:

Glorianna, (not her real name)

I’m not exactly sure what the “this” is you are referring to on the list of links you sent me. I checked out the first one, read the first four paragraphs and wondered who was writing this. It was apparently about Lew Rockwell but written by a fellow who I gather agrees with Rockwell. Then I had to find out who Rockwell was. The name was familiar but I couldn’t place it. A quick search revealed that he was the newsletter ghost writer that has gotten Ron Paul in so much trouble for the stuff he wrote back when Paul an active Libertarian in the 90’s.

I have a lot of opinions on that but I’ll just cut to the chase.

I’m an optimist. I think the world and humanity will cruise off into space over the next million years. That means I don’t think we’ll all kill each other off but I can’t guarantee it. I think that the thing that will save us is keeping our eyes wide open and not pussy footing around about nonsense. I see a lot of nonsense. My impulse, like with the Red Plan, is to disect it and spread its guts all over the disecting table to see what’s going on. That’s not quite the same as Rockwell and this fellow. They see that the glass is half empty and seem to be telling us we are doomed. I’ve got grandkids. I don’t like that kind of talk.


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