Cider in the Rain

I quit putting up lawnsigns and knocking on doors Friday when I learned that my grandson had a seizure and was sent by ambulance to the hospital. He’s fine in case you were wondering. Evidently its not uncommon. A figure that Claudia found on the Internet suggested that one in 25 children have such temperature induced fevers occasionally until they grow out of them. I hope so.

Its been a rainy weekend as the Black Hills blizzard had dumped an inch of rain on our region. My daughter had planned for a big cider making party over the weekend but not many folks had signed up to come so it became a family only enterprise. We harvested two bushels of ugly honey crisp apples from the tree in her back yard. Over the course of the afternoon we squeezed out better than three gallons of cider. It would have cost about ten dollars in the store for roughly 20 man hours of labor. At fifty cents a man hour I will force myself to enjoy the result.

There will be no door to door until the rain stops on Monday. I can’t promise to shut my fingers up.

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