DFT begins “innuendo” campaign

The Duluth Federation of Teacher’s Press Release gave us a classic story in today’s Trib.

According to my old pal and nemesis, Frank Wanner, who is also the President of the Duluth Federation of Teachers: “The candidates we have endorsed will not resort to personal attacks, name-calling or character assassination in an attempt to be elected.”

Since I wasn’t endorsed by the union I have to assume the DFT holds me responsible for the crimes their news release has outlined.

“Name calling”? I’ve mentioned to a couple people that the Superintendent was called the “Silver Fox” in his old District of Faribault. That’s not such a bad name.

“Character assassination”? What? Where? When?

“Personal Attacks”? Huh? Its no longer permissible to point out people’s public records? Dr. Dixon presided over a School District that twice failed to pass classroom levies after a big building bond which Dr. Dixon successfully passed in a bond referendum. Let Duluth Vote reprinted the story from the new tabloid the Zenith. Its much more a matter of fact than anything else and it’s important because its a harbinger of Duluth’s future should the Superintendent prevent the voters from approving the Red Plan.

In fact another story in today’s Trib made it clear how important and vulnerable excess levies are. (Only 42 percent of excess levy referendums passed in Minnesota last year.) If Duluth’s fails next year it will cost our classrooms $5 million annually. Let Duluth Vote should be thanked for pointing out the danger to our classrooms. In fact, why isn’t the DFT worried about this? Many teachers will lose their jobs if the levy fails next year.

Finally its really rich that Frank, of all people, would call the kettle black. He has a long history of bad mouthing school board members and administrators.

I’d say that, if anything, the DFT has inadvertantly begun an innuendo campaign. Readers of the Trib will start wondering what there is about the Superintendent to have unleased name calling, character assassination and personal attacks.

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