Evidence we’re making progress

The Trib printed a sensible pro-vote letter today. To my knowledge the writer is not in Let Duluth Vote. If he’s any indication we’re starting to make an impression on the public that the Dixon Administration had managed to lull asleep.

Here’s an excerpt:

“I’m one of many Duluth property owners who will have to try to pay for both a $300 million health-care liability (the city’s) and a (projected) $293 million (not counting interest) school reconfiguration plan. I’ve seen estimates of nearly half a billion when including interest for the school district’s plan. Anybody who thinks the end figure is going to be seriously reduced by the sale of district property, as Superintendent Keith Dixon has maintained, still thinks there are weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

Add to the figure the pending infrastructure costs of sewer and water upgrades to the city and Duluth could conceivably be looking at an overall liability facing taxpayers approaching $1 billion. My question: How can we help but go bankrupt?”
Read the whole thing.

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