Tested by a plague

The flood in my basement has been an unwanted distraction. I called a cleaning company out yesterday to take a look but was told that because of other floods it might be a day or two before anyone could get to work on it. Because of the damage that was continuing as the carpet expelled humidity, I just decided to take the job on myself. Oh brother!

The carpet has been pulled up from the floor as well as those nasty little carpet tack wood thingies are a tetnus germ’s best friend. Today I’ve got to pull the carpet up from the steps. They got soaked as I tramped up and down hauling soggy carpeting to my back patio. The floor is mostly dry this morning but its crusted with glue and a mastic used to fill low spots from when the carpet was laid down. I’ve got to haul all the carpeting to the landfill and hope it doesn’t rain too soon. Its sitting outside where if thunder showers are predicted for this evening, the skies are already overcast.

I have a number of LDV activities to get done today which I postponed yesterday. I’m only fitting in this little blogging in a break in my clean up. We have work to do and in the lull after the mayoral primary more eyes can focus on us if we don’t get distracted by Biblical style plagues.

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