Yesterday I filed for the School Board

Yes I did file but I won’t have much time to campaing till the end of August. A couple days ago I called up the only other person who has filed for the 2nd District seat Judy Seliga to warn her that I was thinking about filing. I’ve tried to talk her into running for the School Board twice. Judy was one of only a handful of people who gave me a contribution for my race for Congress. We had a very cordial conversation but, of course, Judy is a little flumoxed to find me challenging for the same seat.

Judy has no qualms about the Red Plan or the absence of a referendum. I do and that is my principle motivation. Wheter this is a flawed plan (and I think it is deeply flawed) I believe the voters have a right to vote on it. I did tell Judy that I would give her one very big advantage. I would take an unpopular stand and stick with it. I believe we should only have two high schools and I believe it is East High School that is the lesser property to Central High School. Since East is only eight blocks away and in the heart of the Second District my opinion is sure to be a major liability.

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