Who’s who in the JCI world

I got through the beginnings of cloroxing the basement at about 10:30 PM. When I checked the last days emails I got this one from Gary. A G. T has been helping Bevan and my opponent Judy SP. Gary ran into her while out at a Lakeside festival.

This is a portion of his email:

I ran into Bevan again as he was “manning” the Judy Sleiga-Punyko table in Lester Park from about 2-5 PM. With him was the same woman as at the Union Temple last week when we
were being interviewed by Al Netland, union boss.

She said her name was Gail Toftey, and that she was there on Judy’s behalf. I asked her if her husband was an attorney and she said yes. She then said “you’ve figured it out!”

I’m not sure what she meant by that, but the attorney I was thinking of was a Robert E. Toftey (Fryberger, Buchannan, Smith, and Frederick, P. A.) who signed the letter in the Comp. Fac. Plan, pages 103-108, about the various laws governing school board bonding etc.

We need to confirm that Gail and Robert are married to each other.

They are.

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