Let Duluth Vote

I sent a press release to the Duluth Tribune a little before the nightly news. It announces the organizational meeting at 7PM tomorrow, Thursday August 23rd, of Let Duluth Vote.. Let Duluth Vote will try to get several thousand signatures on a petition demanding a referendum on the Red Plan.

If enough people sign our petition demanding a referendum it will give the lie to the Johnson Controls survey that supposedly proved that 77% of 300 voters surveyed supported skipping a referendum. Of Course, Johnson Controls did not bother to tell the people being surveyed that the Red Plan would cost them $293 million in property taxes. Before this the largest bond ever considered by Duluth was a $55 million dollar bond in 1989. That one did go before the voters and was defeated.

If 77 percent of voters really don’t want a referrendum it should be pretty difficult to get them to sign a petition begging for one. I’m betting this will be a very easy petition to collect signatures with. Anyone interested in helping should show up at 7PM. The Duluth Heights Community Club is tucked away on Mullbery Street off of Arlington Avenue just before the intersection with Central Entrance. Bring your clipboards if you have them. If you can’t come for the organizational meeting call me. My phone number is in the directory.