Today Jana Hollingsworth had tons of stories on charter schools in the DNT. Its a subject well worth discussing and for many more reasons than the possible sale of Central High to Edison.

I’ll hold my fire tonight and try for a good night’s sleep. If you can’t wait to see what I’ve said about Charters and more specifically Edison before just press the links in this sentence.

Here are Jana’s stories:

Minnesota ranked first in charter school report

Duluth charter schools now enroll 14% of district’s students

I could write all day about this topic. Perhaps tomorrow I will. But first I’ll have to meet with neighbors of our empty Rockridge School at Perkins East tomorrow and face likely lobbying to put their neighborhood’s tranquil sleepiness above the needs of the Duluth Schools.

Oh, and to remind my eight loyals (yesterday I topped 500 because I’d started blogging again) just what unneeded hurdles this district faces Jana also wrote about our multitudinous snow days and the pain they will inflict as well.

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