Books for kids

Photo taken by the Trib’s Steve Kuchera.

The Second District seat I’m running for again has both rich and poor elementary school populations. Grant School, combined with Nettleton by the Red Plan, has a poverty rate of 85%. It has had some unique movers and shakers over my years on the School Board. Nettleton was once our Science magnet school and Grant was a foreign language magnet. Grant once had hundreds of adult mentors who worked with kids for a year at at time. As I recall, Men as Peacemakers, was one of the prime sponsors of the program and I participated for a year or two. The school has been rechristened as Myers-Wilkins Elementary.

Today, Principal Amy Warden is attempting to buy new books for her children. She’d like to provide them each with a book a month to take home. The Trib has a story on it here.

And this is how you can contribute to the cause:

To donate, people can drop off cash, checks or money orders, or mail a check or money order to Myers-Wilkins Elementary, 1027 N. Eighth Ave. E., Duluth, MN 55805, Attn: Books for Kids.

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